When This Little Girl Saw Doc For the First Time, She Immediately Knew Doc Would Be Coming Home With Them


Sometimes in life as we struggle through our day to day responsibilities, we need the support of someone who is going through the same thing we are. That’s the story of young Scarlette Tipton and her new kitten, Doc.


When Scarlette was ten months old, she had cancer which resulted in her left arm being completely amputated. Although it’s been difficult for the family, little Scarlette never let her disability hold her back. When she was two years old, the family heard about a kitten with a similar problem and decided to go see the cat.

The kitten they would name Doc had lost her right front paw in a horrible car accident. Doc had tried to sleep on the belt of a car engine to stay warm at night, and her paw had been caught. They had to amputate her paw because the damage was too severe. When Doc and Scarlette saw each other, it was love at first sight and there was no way the Tipton family would be leaving without Doc.

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When This Little Girl Saw Doc For the First Time, She Immediately Knew Doc Would Be Coming Home With Them
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