When Woman Rescued Her First Dog, She Never Thought It Would Lead To Saving Hundreds More [VIDEO]


When Judy Obregon pulled up to an animal "dumping" ground in Texas one afternoon, she could not believe her eyes. She saw a dog on the side of the road, who she thought was dead by the look of her. The dog began to move very slowly and Judy realized its legs had been fractured. Judy worked quickly to get the dog, Mercy, into her car and to a shelter where she could be helped.


Mercy recovered from her multiple legs fractures and was soon adopted by a loving family. That was seven years ago. From then on, Judy made it her mission to rescue any animal left at the dumping ground. Judy rescued another dog named Cali, who upon being put in the car with Judy, took one look back at the dumping ground and began to kiss Judy all over! 


Judy has started an organization called "The Abandoned One's Animal Rescue." Since her first rescue with Mercy, Judy has rescued over 300 animals from being left alone in the dumping ground. Every single dog she has found has been put up for adoption and many of them have found their forever homes. Judy may not have planned to become an animal rescuer, but it doesn't look like she regrets it one bit! 

WATCH the video below to see Judy and some of her adorable rescue dogs. 


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