When Woody's Owner Died, He Was Left To Fend For Himself. Watch How Love Transforms This Little Guy


Hope For Paws Rescue in Los Angeles, California does their best to save any and every dog they can. Sometimes, they are unfortunate enough to come across cases where animals have been horribly abused or when they have been on the street for a very long time. Sadly, Woody’s case is one of what can only be described as horrible neglect.

When Woody’s owner died, the family sold the house and moved, leaving him behind. Woody was confused and depressed, but he lived under a nearby shed as he waited every day for his beloved owner to return. Neighbors took pity on his plight, feeding him and giving him water as they tried desperately to find a rescue to save him. When he had been alone for a year, they finally got ahold of Hope For Paws.

When the rescuers, Eldad and Lisa, arrived on the scene, they found Woody hiding under his shed. His fur was extremely matted and you could feel every single bone in his body as he had not had a good luck scavenging.

At first, they offered Woody food, and they hoped to slowly use it to lure him out from underneath the shed. However, he refused to accept it and they had to slowly loop the catch pole around him and carefully pull him out. He never tried to bite, even though he was absolutely terrified. He tried to fight by thrashing, as he didn’t want to leave where his owner had left him.

When they got him out, they saw the cataracts on his one eye and realized he is blind in one eye. He slowly warmed up to them as they drove him away from his home. When they arrived back at their shelter, they began to shave the poor dog, and Woody merely sat there quietly. After he was shaved, they realized just how skinny he was. They gave him a warm bath, and he began to shake from both cold and fear so Eldad wrapped him up and slowly began to pet him to help him calm down.

Lisa decided that she had to foster him after the rescue, because she couldn’t help but become attached to him from the rescue. Woody lived at her home with two other dogs, while he waited patiently for his forever home.

Hundreds of applications flooded in for the opportunity to adopt Woody, but Debi Hickey was the lucky woman selected to give him his forever home. Woody and Debi will hopefully get to enjoy a long and happy life together! Please be sure to include your dogs in your will to make sure they don’t have to go through what poor Woody suffered!

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