Mother Sets Her Infant Down On The Barn Floor. When A Horse Hears The Baby Making a Large Commotion, The Mother Is Absolutely Astounded At Its Reaction


Animals can often be a little intimidating to children. They often are a little leery of an animal that's larger in stature, such as a horse. It's completely understandable, though. They seem giant compared to a little one, their eyes are large, legs are extra long, and they kinda have a funky smell!

I grew up around horses and I've come to know early on that horses are gentle giants. They have some of the most interesting personalities and they're just the biggest, gentlest creatures around. They have fun-loving spirits and are unbelievably curious about everything.


This horse named Donato is exactly like that. He loves to explore every bit of his surroundings. When he finds something peculiar in his habitat, he can't help but do some investigation. His owner, Tracy Lega, stopped by one day with her young child to visit him.


The child was in a baby carrier and wasn't a bit sure about Donato. Donato felt the exact same way. He had never been around a small baby before and he didn't know what to think about the tiny, crying human beside him. Click "NEXT PAGE" to rad more of this story... [VIDEO]

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