With Owner Facing a Medical Emergency, This Pup Led Police on a Life-Saving Adventure To Save His Best Friend [VIDEO]


This story is a prime example of how dogs not only possess a magnificent amount of intelligence, but also empathy for those they love. This little dog went to GREAT lengths in order to help a friend in a time of extreme crisis. After reading this, you'll want to hug your fur babies a little tighter tonight.

This little pup might look too sweet to be considered a hero, but don't let this fluffy appearance fool you!

Jacques the Scottish Terrier saved the day in a MAJOR way, and he's caught the attention of people worldwide!


Here are Jacques and his best pal, Annabelle. They have been together for years and they're inseparable, as you can easily tell.

When the elderly owner of the dogs faced a serious medical emergency and was rushed to the hospital, both of the pups escaped from the home. In the commotion of everything, the paramedics accidentally left the house door open.


The dogs, excited about their new-found freedom, headed off to adventure in the woods. Not long after, Jacques approached a police officer in a nearby field.

The police officer noticed the dog was barking incessantly and appeared to be extremely agitated. It was as if the dog was trying to convey some sort of message.


"He'd bark. He'd come toward me, then he'd run away, and he continued to do this," Officer Christopher Bisceglia stated.He knew he had to follow the pup and figure out what was troubling him so. "At one point, he let me pet him as though he was trying to say, 'Ok, come on! Keep coming with me!'"


Soon after, the officer realized the cause of the problem... while fleeing into the woods, Annabelle had gotten trapped under a fallen tree. Away from eyesight and amid freezing temperatures, it became very evident that Annabelle wouldn't have lasted much longer without immediate help from a human rescuer. Click "NEXT PAGE" to read more...

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