With Six Coastie Babies Being Born Within Months of One Another, Everyone Is Wondering If There Is Something In The Water


The U.S. Coast Guard was founded on Aug 4th, 1790, when Congress commissioned the building of ten boats to help enforce federal tariffs and prevent smuggling. Since that day the Coast Guard has been rescuing people in distress on the seas while helping to ensure the safety of our country. As times have changed the Coast Guard does not strictly use sea vessels now, they also use helicopters and seaplanes.


 When six babies were born within five months of another at the Coast Guard Sector Columbia River people started wondering if there was something in the water. Or in this case, since they were all born to pilots, it may have been something in the air!


What do you do when you have men in uniform and babies? Of course, you have a photo shoot! These proud fathers showed off their little ones and we are so glad that they did! 


 The dads brought all their babies in and got pictures of them all together and individually. Surprisingly, most of the babies were happy and they got some really good shots!  CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO SEE THE REST OF THE STORY....

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