A Woman Discovers A Bee Hive At Her House. She Calls In The Experts But They Never Expected This [VIDEO]


This is definitely something you don't see every day. A woman in Georgia is causing some major BUZZ after she discovered a frightful sight when she called in the pros to check her home. They found a bee hive that they believe had been there for 2 years. Did somebody say BUZZKILL?



Lisa Ohrmundt first heard the sound of bees outside her home a couple of months ago but had no idea the horror she'd eventually encounter as she had been living with bees trapped inside her ceiling.


Just look at all those bees, 120,000 of them. Lisa said she never heard them make a sound inside. This is down right crazy. The plus side is she will never need to buy honey again. The bees produced 150 pounds of honey! Anyone up for HONEY latte, peanut butter and honey sandwich or honey toast? 

Watch the video below to see this for yourself.

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