Woman Sees Someone Throw Large Bag In Water. Moments Later She Jumps In To Save What's Inside


Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and are often hidden in plain sight. Such is the case with a nameless good Samaritan in California. The woman was driving passed the Mokelumne River when she saw a man on the side of the road. The man was holding a burlap sack and, without warning, threw the bag into the river. The woman thought this was odd behavior and immediately pulled over to investigate.


As the woman looked into the water,  she realized that the bag was filled with small puppies. Throwing caution to the wind, the woman heroically dove into the river to rescue the puppies. By the time she got to the bag, the puppies were in danger of drowning and the woman almost drowned herself. After grabbing the bag and fighting the current, the woman made it to the shore and inspected the puppies. One was not breathing so the woman performed CPR and soon the pup sprang to life.


The hero woman took the puppies to a shelter called Animal Friends Connection where they were taken care of. Anna Charlesworth, a worker at the shelter, who also became the puppies foster mom, said that the puppies, obviously, had some trust issues, even at five weeks old but that the little pups were slowly coming around to trusting people again. Thanks to the heroic act of a kind stranger, the pups would soon be in forever homes with people who loved them. Watch the video below to see how the six small puppies are getting along after their rescue!

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Woman Sees Someone Throw Large Bag In Water. Moments Later She Jumps In To Save What's Inside
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