Woman Almost Touched This Creature Until She Found Out What it Was... [VIDEO]


Poisonous and strange creatures have the capability to roam in all types of environments. It's always good to be cautious of anything that looks unfamiliar. 

Children with their curious and imaginative minds are the most susceptible to touching things based on their appearances. Places such as local parks or wooded areas are where caution is surely needed!



In this particular case, this bizarre looking caterpillar was found at a local park by a mother and her young daughter. Upon doing research, they found out that this particular species, while it looks furry and sweet, has the painful sting of a jellyfish and produces a poisonous venom.

It is highly warned that touching the barbs, which on this caterpillar look like soft cat hair, contains drops of venom that cause horrific pain, along with bouts of excessive sweating and nausea.


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With something this strange, it's best to know as much information as you can about them to protect yourself, your pets, and your loved ones. Check out the video on the following page to find out even more information about these harmful creatures!


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