You Won't Be Able To Control Your Laughter When You Hear What This Bird Whispers In The Other Bird's Ear


If you hear the phrase, "Gimme a kiss," what is the first thing that comes to mind? Do you picture a husband telling this to his wife or a girlfriend saying this to her boyfriend? I highly doubt your first assumption would be hearing that phrase come from an animal.

Thanks to this YouTube video, I've since changed my mind. Humans aren't the only species that seek out affection from those they love. Birds do the same!


The Birds-I-View Parrot Rescue in Charlotte, North Carolina, is home to a vast majority of parrots in all shapes and sizes. Two of its residents are quite the "love birds" if you know what I mean. JoJo, an Indian Ringneck, and Buddy, a Quaker parrot, have been inseparable since they were teeny birds.


One day while these cuties are enjoying a beautiful day outside in the sunshine, JoJo decides she needs a little TLC. She leans over and tells her love, "Gimme a kiss!" What happens next is cuter than you could possibly imagine. Check out the video on the following page.


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