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These 101-Year-Old Best Friends Are The Most Hysterical Duo And We Can't Get Enough

December 13, 2017

It’s been said that there is nothing on this Earth more the be prized than true friendship. Alice and Irene of Chicago, Illinois know that statement to be entirely true.

In 1918, Alice Jensen and Irene Cook attended their first day of elementary school and immediately took to each other. The two girls attended St. Gregory’s School together and from that first day, never were apart - literally!

They spent their childhood, their adolescence, and young adult lives being in each other’s back pockets. Even past their young adult lives, they remained best friends well into their 40s, 50s and 60s. Over the next several decades, they continued to stick by each other as best friends. They helped raise each other’s children, were there through hardships and happy moments, and now have been best friends for an astonishing 94 years.

Through wars, presidencies, and marriages, Alice and Irene have been each other's constant. They’ve always kept their relationship joyful and honest, which is probably the secret to their long-lasting friendship.

When word got around that these two had been friends for nearly 100 years, it captured the attention of the media, specifically TV host, Steve Harvey. Steve invited the two best friends to an interview for his show. Originally, he planned to chat with them about their friendship and all that they had seen together, but very quickly after seeing them interact together, he thought he’d take it in a different direction.

The segment consisted of today’s Pop Culture and the opinions that the two ladies had on the matter. Surely, they had some strong ones, considering they had seen culture change dramatically over 100 years. Steve was ready for some good responses, but no one could have anticipated Alice and Irene’s natural reactions.

Together, they shared their thoughts on today’s music, dancing, entertainers such as Justin Bieber (whom they innocently called Justin “Beaver”), and they even shared their opinions on the new iPhone operating system and let’s just say that they are NOT pleased.

Check their segment, below, and be prepared to laugh your head off because these two are the real deal! Seeing them will warm your heart and bring a smile to your face. These two beauties are truly rich in friendship!

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