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11-Year-Old Girl Mercilessly Teased For Severely Deformed Legs Finally Receives Life-Changing Miracle Surgery

March 16, 2018

If you’re healthy, there are many things in life you unintentionally take for granted. Without a second thought, our hearts beat in our chest without the need for us to remind it to do so. We use our arms, legs, fingers, and toes for everyday movement and think nothing of it.

If you have an ailment to a part of your body, though, you suddenly are faced with the realization of how much you do take for granted when healthy. Some individuals are born without fully functioning body parts and learn how to cope with daily tasks in a much different way. Those people have a special determination deep inside them to continually fight through the difficulties in life.

Justine is a beautiful, energetic 11-year-old who has a special way of lighting up every room she enters. Her joy and zest for life are undeniably contagious and she faces every obstacle with a grin on her face. She was born a little different than others and has had to find ways to deal with her struggles.

She has Blount's Disease, which is a growth disorder of the shin bones. This disorder causes the lower half of her legs to turn completely inward. If it goes without treatment, the condition continues to worsen over time.

Her condition had gotten so severe that she had lost the ability to walk on her own, often resulting in being physically carried from one place to another. “Kids were often mean to her; would tease her and run because they knew she couldn’t chase them,” a source stated.

In September 2017, she underwent a surgery that forever changed her life for the better. According to sources, her surgeon, Dr. Frank Hayon, stated, “Justine had an extreme case of Blount’s Disease with angular and rotational deformities of both legs, rotating her feet 180 or essential backward. To correct the deformity required us to do osteotomies or cut the bones in each leg and untwist her legs.”

After surgery, Justine went through five months of rigorous therapy to learn how to reuse her newly-shaped limbs. Now, she can run, play, climb, jump, and do all the things a little girl should - without limits. In regards to her life now, she proudly stated, “There’s nothing I can’t do now.”


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