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15 Brilliant Hacks To Make Craft Time Effortless

March 21, 2017

Kid's love craft time but it can sure get messy and chaotic quickly!

Here are 15 ways to make craft time less messy and more organized.

1. When it's time to paint, store the paint in hand soap dispenser. Then when they need some more paint, they can go get more.

2. Pour marbles in-between two baking pans to create your own Lazy Susan for easy access to supplies.

3. Use a cupcake tin with cupcake liners to hold art supplies.

4. If you have old markers, stick them in a cup with water to create watercolor paints.

5. If you're kids have trouble with using scissors upside-down, draw a smiley face on their thumb to help them remember the smiley face should be facing up.

6. For moms cutting duct tape, wipe the scissors down with a wipe first, then cutting will be a breeze.

7. Sharpen dull blades by cutting through tin foil.

8. For accidental wall art, use denatured alcohol to remove color from the wall.

9. For glitter messes, use a lint roller to clean them up.

10. Before starting a project, line the surface with Glad Press'n Seal. When they are done making their art, just pull it off the surface and throw it away.

11. To prevent a paint mess all together, stick a piece of paper in a plastic bag, put paint on the paper, seal the bag, tape it to the surface and then your little artist can go to town.

12. For trouble getting stickers off the sheet, pull the borders off and it will be much easier for them to pull the stickers off.

13. If you have trouble with the glue getting clogged, soak the lids in vegetable oil.

14. If your little one is have trouble using too much glue, place a wet sponge into a container, pour glue on the sponge. When they are done put the lid on the container and it won't dry out.

15. If you are running out of space for all the works of art, try taking photos and uploading to an app that allows you to create books.

These are such great ideas! Check out the video below!

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