15 Times The Camera Caught The Most Priceless Pictures Of Excited Dogs

October 27, 2017

This story is for anyone who likes to smile. And if you’re a fan of dogs, then this story is really going to get you excited. Carli Davidson, a pet photographer in Portland, Oregon, has a passion for capturing animals in some of the most beautiful and unique ways. After years of making a reputation for herself through elegant animal portraits, Carli decided that she needed something different to make her work stand out.

Carli is an internationally-recognized photographer as well as an experienced animal trainer and caretaker. While photography is her job, animals are her passion. So when she combined the two, her life took off. She spends her time making sure that pets feel comfortable with her and the camera, and will often roll around on the floor and play with them to make them feel safe. Well, she’s certainly done a good job of it because her photographs are now known throughout the world!

Most recently, Carli ventured into a new concept with her pet photography that she calls “Shake.” Shake came about when Carli was photographing a dog in water. When the dog got out of the water, he shook his whole body (as dogs do) to dry off. She didn’t think much of it and continued to snap away. But then, once she saw the photograph while she was editing, she burst out in laughter. The result was seriously hysterical.

Here are 15 of the top pictures from Carli’s Shake Project - Laugh away! Be sure to leave a comment on Facebook and tell us which photo is your favorite!
















For more pictures of from Carli’s collections, visit her website here! She’s most recently done “Shake Cats” and “Shake Puppies” and is currently working as a full-time pet photographer and part-time zookeeper.

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