16-Year-Old Shih Tzu With Deformity Barely Escapes Death

October 30, 2017

I’ve always found myself falling in love with the qualities that make something unique. After all, it's our differences that set us apart. Whether it be a human and an animal or something in nature, the unexpected surprises are always the unforgettable characteristics that keep me falling in love.

Recently, I discovered one little dog that I can’t get enough of. Marnie is a 16-year-old Shih Tzu who has taken over the internet with her unique cuteness. Marnie was rescued from the shelter four years ago by one of the volunteers that was working at the shelter. Knowing Marnie wouldn’t be adopted for her mouth-deformity, she was sad to think of Marnie’s likely fate.

Marnie’s deformity is purely cosmetic; her tongue constantly hangs out the side of her mouth and she has difficulty eating. Each day that she was in the shelter, people would pass by her, thinking that she was too old and too “broken” to be a good dog - but one volunteer at the shelter, Sammy, refused to let this adorable dog be without love, simply because of her age and unique feature.

So, Sammy did the best thing she could; she decided there was too much love and too much life left in Marnie so she decided to adopt the pup herself! Just before the sweet pup was scheduled to be euthanized, Sammy stepped in! Marnie’s life changed as soon as she went home with Sammy. Sammy loved on Marnie in ways that Marnie had only dreamed, and a beautiful friendship started to bloom!

Since her life with Sammy began, Marnie has been living large. Sammy opened a social media account for her new bestie and, almost immediately, Marnie became famous! Her adorable face took over the internet and it wasn’t long before Marnie had 2 million followers online! She now spends her days traveling in private jets and hanging out with celebrities!

Marnie graces the world with her charm and special smile every day, bringing love and cuteness to the world. Her unique smile is truly full of joy and when you see it, you can’t help smile, yourself.

Sammy, thank you for seeing the gold in Marnie. Because of you, not only was this senior dog rescued and given a wonderful life, but people around the world are able to appreciate her unique beauty. You two are so special!

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