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18-Year-Old Befriends Some Furry Creatures and the Story of How They Met is Adorably Hilarious

December 30, 2016

While most teenagers spend their holiday vacations lounging around with family, but this year that was not the case for Kaylah Lynn. She spent her time tending to and feeding a family of five raccoons!

In August, Kaylah met a friendly little critter who she named Rosemary. They were quite BFFs for some time, but soon Rosemary stopped coming by to visit Kaylah. She just assumed that their friendship had just been a brief, sweet memory.

To Kaylah's surprise, only one month later, Rosemary returned and this time she was not alone - she had FOUR baby raccoons wither her!

The entire family comes to visit around 7:30 each and every evening and Kaylah feeds them with slices of bread. She's also named the new additions to the family: Rosie, Sheldon, Junior, and Baby. 

"They all have their own little personalities so I can tell who is who. Also, I can tell who is who by their facial structure," Kaylah told Buzzfeed in an interview.

"I feel like raccoons get stereotyped a lot because they get in people's garbages. But they have hearts and love too, just like people."