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18-Year-Old Girl Dedicates Her Life To Helping Deaf Children - All Over The World - Receive The Gift Of Hearing

October 31, 2017

There comes a time in all of our lives when we must decide what is most important to us. This decision is one that can define what we do with our lives and why we do it. For Grace O' Brien, her defining moment comes when she decides to change the lives of deaf children all over the world.

Indeed, it is almost impossible to get Grace to talk about anything besides how much she loves children. It is only when Grace's father experiences hearing loss, however, that Grace takes a special interest in the deaf community in developing countries. After doing research, Grace realizes that the need for hearing aids in developing countries is great, but the cost of hearing aid batteries is astronomical.

Grace's research shows that hearing aid batteries cost as much as a dollar a week. Now, to people in America, a dollar a week sounds like nothing at all. For families in developing countries, however, a dollar a week could be all the money they make. This makes it nearly impossible for parents with deaf children to purchase hearing aids. Grace is determined to find a way to help these families and will stop at nothing until a solution is found.

Grace soon finds a company called "Solar Ear" that produces hearing aids that charge by the light of the sun or a light bulb. It takes just two hours for a pair of Solar Ear hearing aids to charge fully. Grace decides to partner with Solar Ears, and she creates the organization known as "Ears For Years." In no time at all, Grace finds herself on a trip to Mexico to fit her first child with a set of hearing aids.

Grace arrives and meets a little boy named Jesus. She helps fit the three-year-old with his hearing aids, and the boy hears the world around him for the very first time. Jesus' mother begins to weep, and thanks Grace. At that moment, Grace realizes that she truly has found her calling. From there, Grace visits other places all over the world, helping kids in Mexico, Sri Lanka, Honduras, Nicaragua, and South Korea.

Grace's ultimate dream is to make the dreams of others come true. Without Grace, there are many children in the world that wouldn't know what their own parents' voices sound like. Every smile that Grace sees as she fits children with hearing aids is all the thanks that she needs. Grace is a shining light to the children that she helps and an amazing example of what it means to love your neighbor as yourself.

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