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22 Years Ago, School Play Predicted Kate Middleton’s Exact Future. You’ve Got To See The Shocking Footage To Believe It

March 05, 2018

Today, Kate Middleton is one of the most popular women in the world. After marrying Prince William in April 2011, Kate’s life has become rather picturesque; with a real prince for a husband, two (soon-to-be three) healthy and beautiful children, her official title as “Duchess,” and her home being a castle, I think it's safe to say that her life is pretty dreamy.

Who would have thought that Kate would grow up to be such a leading lady?! Turns out, a character in her school play from 22 years ago would predict exactly her future!

Footage from a 1995 school play captures something you have to see to believe! In the play, Kate’s character is getting her palm read by a fortune teller. The fortune teller reveals a very fairytale- love story in Kate’s future… The dialogue when like this:

Fortune Teller- Soon you will meet a handsome man, a rich gentleman.
Kate- It is all I ever hoped for. Will he fall in love with me?
Fortune Teller- Indeed he will…
Kate- And marry me?
Fortune Teller- And marry you…
Kate- Will he take me away from here?
Fortune Teller- Yes, to London.
Kate- Oh, how my heart flutters!

In the following scene, Kate is next to her character’s love interest. He turns to her, gets down on one knee, and says, “Only say 'yes' to me.” Kate replies with the most startling response ever! “Yes, yes, dear William!”

William. Isn’t that crazy!! The play predicted Kate’s future down to her husband’s very name!

Kate married her prince, Prince William, only 16 years later. Now, they are expecting their third child together! Check out the video below to see for yourself!

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