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2 Senior Dogs Discover A Treadmill. When Their Owner Turns It On, They Know Exactly What To Do… Well, Sort Of

March 13, 2018

The concept of an at-home gym has been a favorable one since its introduction. For most people, the comfort and convenience of working out at home can’t be beaten. These two senior dogs are in favor of the at-home gym, and when you see why, you’ll be rolling with laughter!

These two pups had seen their owner on the treadmill more than once, but for whatever reason, they had never participated in the exercise. Then one day, while their owner had taken a break from her work out, they thought they’d give it a shot!

One pup hopped up onto the treadmill in go-mode. He looked directly at his owner with one thought, “Hey! Turn this thing on, won’t ya!” The owner knew that her dog was about to be in for a treat, so she immediately grabbed her camera and began recording.

When she started the treadmill, the dog knew exactly what to do! He put one paw in front of the other and just began walking. Her owner was quite impressed her dog’s natural ability to pick up the exercise so well.

While one dog had the treadmill concept down, the other watched in confusion. He stared at his brother with curiosity. The owner could tell that the other dog was thinking about hopping on, he was just waiting for the right time…

Finally, the second pup hopped up! The only problem was, the second pup was on coming on the treadmill from an angle. He managed to lift his two front feet up, but his other two feet stayed on the floor! This dog was doing a side shuffle on the treadmill and the owner couldn’t stop laughing!

Thankfully, the owner recorded her two dogs and their laughable attempt the exercise on the treadmill. Check it out! We promise you won’t be disappointed!


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