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2 Women See 5-Year-Old Boy, Separated From His Family, As Shots Ring Out In Vegas. What They Do Next Makes Them Heroes

October 05, 2017

Can you imagine for a minute the sheer terror of losing a child? And on top of that losing a child at the Route 91 Festival that fateful night when a gunman opened fire on the crowd of 22,000 people? Many stories of survival have flooded in, but this one makes your heart happy and makes you appreciate the power of social media.

What would you do if you saw a five-year-old wandering around scared and all alone? Well, for 26-year-old Lindsey Rogers and her friend, there was no time to think about it; they both sprang into action. The two spotted Aden Huser as shots rang out on the Las Vegas strip on October 1, 2017.

In all the chaos, Aden had gotten separated from his mom, aunt, and sister. Not knowing what to do, Aden just stood there until the two women grabbed him. He said, “I lost her and I was sad because it was just me and my aunt and I didn’t know where my sister was so I didn’t know where to run.”

“I was nervous to take him because I knew that his mom would be devastated to find that her child was gone, but in the moment we thought that the best decision was to get as many people as safe as possible. The shots were so sporadic and it wasn’t stopping so we took a chance,” Lindsey said.

Once they got Aden to safety, they did the only thing they thought could help them find his family, and that was to post a picture of him on Facebook. Lo-and-behold, IT WORKED. Aden's grandparents were notified, and they immediately went to pick him up from Sunrise Children's Hospital.

Eventually, he was reunited with his mom who was elated to see him. “All I remember is seeing my son come out of the garage door and I dropped to my knees. He ran as fast as he could to me, and we were like one for a second. He just held on to me so tight and I held on, and we just kind of interlocked,” Doris told KTNV Las Vegas.

Huge thank you to these two women who risked their own lives for a child they didn't even know. I hope I would have done the same thing!

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