2-Year-Old Boy Lost And Scared In Cornfield. With The Protection Of His Two Loyal Companions, Everything Shifts Into A Beautiful Happy Ending!

October 16, 2017

Playing outside one beautiful afternoon in Richland, Minnesota, two-year-old Mason decides to go exploring in a nearby cornfield with his two loyal companions, an English Springer Spaniel, Bella Grace, and her 12-week old pup, Maddie. For a curious child like Mason, the adventure staring him in the face is too enticing to just ignore. Stepping into the field, he quickly disappears, and becomes very turned around and confused on how to return home.

As time passes, and with no sign of Mason, the parents begin to panic. Not wanting to waste any more time, a police helicopter is sent out in a Search and Rescue mission to find the lost boy and his dogs. Flying over the field, the helicopter picks up a heat signal which, they assume, indicates the two loyal pets and Mason. Quickly, the air crew directs the ground Search and Rescue team in the direction of the heat signal which, miraculously, turns out to be the boy and his dogs. When they find the boy, who has been lost for over three hours, he is crying, scared, and trembling, but unharmed. Soon he is homeward-bound along with his two dogs.

Through it all, the boy was never left alone. Barking the whole entire time, Bella Grace never left the boy's side. It's a perfect example of how loyal and protective these cunning canines can be. They truly are man's best friends, incredible family members, and fabulous babysitters!

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