30 Little Surprises That Filled This Bride’s Wedding With Happy Tears

June 12, 2017

Your wedding day is a momentous day in your life; it's something most people have dreamt about since they were little ones. We plan color palettes, play dress up in gowns, and envision our future partners staring lovingly into our eyes at the end of the aisle. The dream of a wedding is something that we can only imagine to an extent, but when that special day comes, many find themselves loving it more than they ever could have imagined.

For Liz, a girl that had been dreaming up her wedding as long as she could remember, the time had finally come. She spent years and years wondering who her Mr. Perfect would be, and after some time, she finally found him.

Liz met the man of her dreams, Ollie, through mutual friends. They fell in love with each other's appreciation for music and theater. Liz was a dance and music teacher at an elementary school and Ollie was a businessman with a special knack for surprising the love of his life.

After months of planning her dream wedding and carefully incorporating all of her plans from her childhood, the day had finally arrived; the flowers were up, the candles were lit, and the guests had arrived. Liz was getting ready to have her fairytale wedding to the man of her dreams.

The radiant bride walked towards her groom who was beaming with pride. They exchanged their heartfelt vows, exchanged their “I do’s,” and were just about ready to be named husband and wife. But then, Ollie had one last surprise for his beautiful bride.

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