3 Kittens are Sleeping and the Puppy Doesn't Want to Wake Them So She Cuddles Up Next To Them In The Most Adorable Way! [VIDEO]

January 20, 2017


Can cats and dogs really be friends? Well, after watching this video we will have you convinced they can. You see dogs are a lot more thoughtful than we tend to give them credit for. They often play off of the feelings of others and act upon the reactions they receive.

This little puppy is no exception! Her three little feline friends and snoozing away peacefully on the couch beside her.

She's a mighty thoughtful gal because upon noticing her friends sleeping, she does her best to not move a single muscle in fear of waking them.

Instead, she lays there beside them and they drift peacefully into la la land.

As the kittens stir around, she still lays silently to prevent disturbing her little companions. How sweet is that?! Be sure to Share on your Facebook page if you think this is adorable!