3-Year-Old Boy And Dog Go Missing. Once Found You'll Be Shocked At What The Canine Is Doing!

October 06, 2017

Three-year-old Carson is a typical little boy - full of energy - who chooses to play outside versus inside, any given day of the week. It’s a beautiful day, and Carson is enjoying his outside playtime in the family farmyard with his rescue dog, Cooper. His mom, fully aware that her son loves to be outside, figures he will come in when he's hungry, and so she allows him to play outside a little bit longer than usual. As time passes and seven-thirty rolls around, she goes outside to look for Carson. Searching and calling, she is unable to locate her son or the dog; deep down inside she knows something is wrong. She runs inside and immediately calls 911.

With over two hundred volunteers - firefighters, family, friends, a search dog, and a search plane - they form a search-and-rescue team in hopes of finding this missing child and his dog. With both Carson and Cooper gone, they hope and pray that both dog and boy are together. After several long-passing hours, someone knocks on their door with the excellent news that they've found their son. The mother explodes with excitement, and darts out the house to the ambulance, where she finds the two safe and sound.

The rescue team reported that when Cooper and Carson were spotted, they were one mile away from home. Cooper was on top of the three-year-old, just trying to protect him and keep him warm. This marvelous canine is not only a hero but also a very faithful companion. Cooper, who had been rescued by the family as a puppy, gave back to the family by saving his best friend, Carson. It's a great story that showcases an amazing friendship, and the incredible loyalty that forms when a dog falls in love with his best friend, a boy.

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