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3-Year-Old Tries To Earn His White Belt In Taekwondo, Leaving The Class - And Us - In Stitches

February 02, 2018

Nothing can bring a smile to your face more quickly than watching a funny child who is having a magnificent time! One little three-year-old boy is having a great time as he works to earn his white belt in Taekwondo!

After bowing to his instructor, the time has come for him to earn his belt. The only thing standing between him and his belt is a little blue board that he must break by stomping on it!

He’s quite excited to begin and is more than happy to yell out “Aya!” as he attempts to break the board. Of course, things don’t exactly go as he expected them to when he begins.

His first attempt results in him completely jumping on the board, failing to break it. He refuses to give up though and immediately gives it another try by repeatedly stomping on the board, before his instructor puts him back on the ground.

He tries again, this time using only one leg, as his instructor tells him, and merely kicks the board off of the stand completely! After a quick demonstration from his instructor, it’s time to try again. This time, he smashes down on the board with both hands!

After a few more attempts, he manages to smash his foot triumphantly through the board! It may have taken quite a few tries, but I think he definitely earned that little white belt! Way to go, kid!