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4 Pomeranians Were Left For Dead On The Street. When Their Rescuer Got A Look At Them, He Knew They Needed Him Desperately

August 15, 2017

Pomeranians are known for being playful and very extroverted pets, who love to be pet and loved on all the time! They are highly intelligent as well and amazing at learning new things - and adapting to new situations!

In Chino, California, four pomeranian mixes were abandoned in the middle of summer, and with their long coats the heat was really getting to them. It was a 107 degree day when Eldad with Hope For Paws heard about the abandoned dogs and raced to help them!

When Eldad arrived he found the four dogs lying in the shade under some trees. The four dogs were fearful and afraid to approach him One of the dogs, Sherry, had fleas covering the insides of her ears and driving her insane. Another one, Stanley, was the only one to let Eldad pet him, and he had recently been hit by a car and had a broken hind leg. Eldad didn’t want to risk losing the injured dog, so he decided to load him up first.

Once Stanley was safe, the others grew fearful of Eldad and wouldn’t let him approach. As he loaded Stanley, he noticed the dogs running into a neighbor’s yard and finally discovered how to catch them! He tied a rope to a neighbor’s gate and carefully led the pack into their yard by luring them in with food. Sadly, the rope got caught on something and one of the dogs, Fredrick, was able to escape.

He decided to capture Sherry first, as she was one of the sweeter dogs from the four. Sherry was terrified, but once Eldad got his hands on her she calmed right down and became friendly. Dale ran as far as he could as fast as he could from Eldad. When Eldad began to pet Dale and try to get him out of the corner he was in, Dale began to spin and become even more freaked out. Eldad then placed Dale in a cage to draw Fredrick into the yard to visit his sibling. Two hours later, he was able to successfully catch Fredrick. 

Eldad placed Fredrick in the same cage as Dale so they could calm each other down, and thanked all of the neighbors who had been doing their best to take care of the Pomeranians. Eldad then took the dogs to a rescue who agreed to take them and find them great homes.

Southern California Pom Rescue took on the four dogs and placed them all in foster homes. Dale and Sherry have both found homes, but the other two are still in loving foster homes where they are learning to be part of a family.

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