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4-Year-Old Toddler Steals Kindergarten Show With The Most Lively Performance! She Starts Calmly Then Quickly Does The Unthinkable

April 05, 2018

Children really are so entertaining, especially when they’re passionate about something! When this little girl, Sophia, had to perform for her Preschool graduation, she stole the show. Luckily, her mom captured the performance, allowing the world a chance to see her dramatic and passionate rendition of a popular Disney song.

Sophia and her preschool class were just beginning their graduation ceremony when they opened up with the show-stopping song from Disney’s Moana, “How Far I’ll Go.” With the class lined up and ready to go, the group appeared to be somewhat shy and apprehensive about the performance. All but one little performer, that is…

The performance was meant to be a “mellow rendition of the inspiring song,” but Sophia clearly had another vision. Moments before the song began, Sophia was in a power stance; her arms were out at her side and legs were jittery as she held herself back until the music started. As soon as the first tune came across the speakers, Sophia busted her arms out and turned on her drama queen!

It was then- just .5 seconds into the song- that Sophia became a star. She quickly stole the stage as she belted out the words to the song while her classmates followed the protocol for a “mellow” performance. While the girls on her side tried to stay out of the way from her flailing arms, she couldn’t help herself but perform to her fullest extent.

Sophia’s mom quickly pulled out her camera to record her daughter’s extravagant performance. The crowd was loving her enthusiasm and the cheers from the audience only fed her inner- superstar. As she sang, she whipped her head back, opened her mouth wide, and pumped her arms. There was no denying she was in her element.

Sophia’s mom was able to record the entire performance. She says that she was just as shocked as everyone else considering Sophia is typically a pretty calm child. There must have been something special about this song though because there was nothing calm about it! She even stomped her feet on the ground- it was as if the song was so powerful it was escaping her!

Since her grand performance, Sophia has been picked up by every major news network and shared countless times across social media. The superstar now has over 34 million views on her video! We can’t see what this show-stealing drama queen does next! Check out the video below to see her full performance!


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