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5-Year-Old Girl Named Sunshine Empties Her Piggy Bank To 'Brighten' Her Friend's Day, By Buying Her Milk During Class

October 17, 2017

There is no denying, 5-year-old Sunshine Oelfke has a heart of gold. She saw a need and decided to fill it, but her desire to help has had way more of an impact than she initially thought. So this is what happened. Sunshine found out that the mom of one of her classmates couldn't afford to send milk money for her, leaving Sunshine’s little friend with nothing to drink at snack time.


As her mother, Jackie was in the living room, Sunshine came out of her bedroom. She emptied her piggy bank and began counting the pennies, nickels, and dimes.

When Jackie asked her what she was doing, Sunshine said she was taking it to school. “I’m going to take it for milk money. I’m taking it for my friend, Layla,” she explained. “She doesn’t get milk. Her mom doesn’t have milk money and I do.”

Jackie took Sunshine to school the next morning and talked to the teacher. Turns out there are 20 kids in Sunshines class that can't afford the milk at snack time. 

After hearing that, Jackie took to her Facebook page to share with friends and family about her daughter’s big heart. The video, below, has been viewed nearly 7,000 times.

Because she was so inspired by her daughter, Jackie decided to do more - and raise $700 to cover the whole semester for the class. She set up a GoFundMe page which is currently at $5000, more than enough to cover every student in Sunshine’s class to have milk for the entire year.

“She doesn’t understand the impact she’s made,” Jackie said. “But now she knows she can do whatever she puts her mind to.” This sweet girl truly is a little ray of Sunshine! Watch the full video, below, and be inspired by what a little kindergartener can do.

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