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People Thought She Was Pregnant With Twins; But The Truth Was A Horrifying Surprise

June 29, 2018

A young Alabama woman is 50 pounds lighter today, and it's not because of some miracle diet. All it took was having the sense to listen to her body and to realize that she needed to see a doctor. And is she glad she did!!

30-year-old Kayla Rahn had been suffering from a number of unexplained health problems that seemed to come on over a fairly short period of time. In recent months, Ms. Rahn had gained an exorbitant amount of weight, and doctors told her she needed to go on a diet.

No stranger to weight loss schemes Kayla tried everything she could think of. But instead of losing weight she was alarmed to see the numbers on the scale continue to go up. In fact, the weight around her middle was so pronounced that someone even asked her if she was pregnant with twins!

But the weight gain wasn't the most disturbing part of the woman's ordeal. She was racked with excruciating pain that finally got so bad, her mother insisted she go to the emergency room.

And it's a good thing she did because doctors at Jackson Hospital pulled out all the stops to figure out what was plaguing the young woman.

And what they discovered is nothing anyone could have ever predicted, and when they gave her the startling news, Kayla could hardly believe what she was hearing:

She had a massive growth on one of her ovaries that had somehow expanded out of control. What the doctor's said after that, however, was what Kayla was waiting to hear. The would perform surgery to remove the mass.

According to WSFA, doctors were able to remove the benign cyst, diagnosed as a mucinous cystadenoma. And now Kayla’s life has changed in unbelievable ways.

OB-GYN at Jackson Hospital Dr. Gregory Jones was in the operating room at the time of Kayla’s surgery. He said that although Kayla’s cyst was something he has seen before, “the size was surprising.


"This is one of the largest I have ever seen or certainly removed," said Jones. "We are very excited things went well for her."

Rahn shared that her ongoing stomach issues had affected even the most fundamental aspects of her everyday life. "I couldn't even walk to my car without losing my breath," the now-happy 30-year-old said.


"As soon as I got home [from the hospital] and was able to move a little, I tried every shirt I had on and it was awesome," said Rahn. "This dress I have on, I actually have not been able to wear in a year."

Kayla has gone public about her story in the hopes that it will encourage others to listen to their bodies when they just KNOW something is not right.


Dr. Jones adds to Kayla’s advice, “If something is not right, continue to bring it up with your physician. Remember you have several physicians taking care of you ranging from your primary care physician to sub-specialist. Sometimes reviewing your concerns consistently is in your best interest.”

To see more about Kayla’s miraculous transformation, watch the video, below.