57 Dogs That Were Rescued From Kill Shelters Find Forever Homes

July 17, 2017


Tracy'sDogs is a non-profit organization in San Antonio, Texas. Their mission is to rescue dogs from shelters who are on death row. This National Rescue and Transport Initiative of shelter dogs focuses on rescuing and rehabilitating dogs to find forever homes.

On their Facebook page, Tracy'sDogs states: We rescue dogs with pending euthanasia dates located in South Texas municipal shelters, then rehabilitate and re-home them with individuals and families that demonstrate a commitment to providing a loving, caring, nurturing home environment.

Recently, 57 of these dogs were placed in new loving homes. Families from eleven different states traveled near and far to a PetSmart in Illinois to meet the newest members of their families. One by one, the dogs were brought out to the trailer and they each received the rescue dog they'd been waiting for.

"The event was awesome," Tracy Voss, Co-founder of TracysDogs stated. Scott Whyatt, Tracy's husband and Executive Director of TracysDogs, said, "It is always exciting and the best part of what we do. [It's] nothing short of a rock concert. Those people are excited. They’ve been waiting a very long time so of course there are a lot of tears." Whyatt said, after the organization gets them from kill shelters, it takes about four weeks for rehabilitation for the dogs. After that, it's time for them to meet their new families.

"When the dogs arrive most of them are in horrible condition and you worry about them," he said. "It is a remarkable transition. We do this for the dogs but I do believe we’re changing a lot of people’s lives too."

If you want more information on what TracysDogs is up to or if you are looking for a new family member, check out their website linked above and watch the video below and see the excitement as families meet their new dogs.

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