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5 Very Unusual Ways To Use Onions

January 25, 2018

Onions are one of the most versatile vegetables around, and definitely something we should all keep in our kitchens. They can be used in everything from soup to tacos and are delicious in everything you put them into. Of course, they aren’t just delicious in recipes and have quite a few interesting uses!

1. Prevent infections on a cut by placing the skin of an onion on your wound! It works as an antiseptic that helps stop bleeding in no time. Its anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, and antimicrobial properties make sure that your wound heals swiftly, with no scars!

2. Soothe a colicky baby with onion tea! To make onion tea, boil a diced onion in some water and allow it to cool then strain it. Then, give the baby a teaspoon of onion tea every hour until they’ve calmed. The onion tea will relax muscles, strengthen the stomach, and even regulate digestion!

3. Onion tea can also help fight hair loss! Use the tea as a pre-shampoo rinse to help grow out your hair. The antimicrobial properties will prevent dandruff while promoting hair growth. The antioxidants that can be found in the onion tea will also help stop hair loss and help your hair grow stronger and fuller.

4. To help cure a cough, peel and slice an onion in half then put a tablespoon of brown sugar on each slice and leave it covered for an hour. Eat the relish twice a day to cure your cough. The sulfur in your onions will kill cough-causing microbes. The sulfur also is a detoxifying agent that releases the toxins in the body, while its anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation and pain brought about by a coughing fit.

5. If you’re suffering from a bug bite, place a piece of onion or even some fresh onion juice onto the bite to help soothe it. With the wonderful anti-inflammatory properties of the onion, the inflammation and discomfort from the bug bite will be greatly reduced.