5 Week Old Blind Yorkie Was Going To Be Killed. But Then The Vet Stepped In And Shocked Everyone

July 24, 2017


How could anyone consider a helpless puppy worthless? Well, to the dog breeding world if a puppy is not perfect then they can not make a profit off of it. They can consider imperfect puppies to be garbage. For Bea, a 5-week-old blind Yorkie pup, that is what happened to her.

For a breeder, puppies are their lifeline, their source of income. Since Bea would not be able to make the breeder a profit, the breeder considered Bea worthless and therefore he needed to get rid of her.


The breeder took Bea to the vet to be euthanized but the vet refused. Instead, the vet took the sweet baby to Battersea Dogs and Cats animal charity where she received round-the-clock care. Shaun Opperman the vet at Battersea animal charity said:“Bea copes really well with her disability. She quickly maps out the room she’s in and is soon hopping around happily. Like any puppy, she loves to play and you often see her running around the room carrying a tennis ball that’s even bigger than she is. We don’t expect her to be here very long once she’s ready to go to a new home.”


photos via Battersea

At the Animal Charity, Bea began to shine and her adorable personality started to come out. She also made a new best friend, a Golden Labrador named Barney. Despite their size difference, these two quickly became besties spending hours together playing. Watch these two play together below:

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