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6 Week Old Puppy Abandoned In The Desert And Dying From Heat Exhaustion. When An Angel Sees Her Dying, She Drops Everything And Rushes To Her

March 02, 2018

Diane Lea is the founder and bicyclist of 50 Causes Ride, a foundation in which Diana cycles to support different medical diseases, causes, and organizations. She was on day 9 of 50 when she was going through southern Arizona.

On day 9, the temperature read 105 degrees. As Diana rode off on her bike, she quickly realized that the road in which she was riding on was quite bumpy and gravely. She opted for a new road that was freshly paved, one that she never knew existed. There, she would ride her 50 miles for MS.

While still at the beginning of her ride, Diana saw something in the distance. She felt as though the heat waves from the pavement were playing tricks on her, but as she got closer, she realized she wasn’t seeing any kind of mirage…

She said, “I saw some kind of little animal, and it couldn’t have been any taller than the grass… It was completely delusional; it was walking in circles.”

When She got up closer, she immediately called for assistance! Her camera crew met her, in shock at what she had found.

Diana had literally stumbled upon a 6-week old puppy. The pup was panting uncontrollably and gasping for hair. She was hot to the touch.

Diana gave her water and the puppy couldn’t get it down fast enough. Diana knew that the puppy was delirious from heat exhaustion and began pouring water on top of her. She knew that she needed to act fast, otherwise, something awful might happen to the puppy.

As Diana and her crew started towards a vet, they found a 5-gallon bucket. The filled it with water and put the puppy in it. She loved the cool water around her, and she was able to drink of it too!

The vet shared that if the puppy had been out any longer, she most likely would have died from heat exhaustion. Surely, Diana’s change in route was a divine intervention to save this little puppy.

The puppy recovered after getting the proper care and support that it needed. Diana couldn’t bare parting ways with the puppy after the emotional experience, so she adopted her.

Now, Diana and her puppy, Phoenix, are traveling the US together and safe forever!


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