6-Year-Old With Heart Condition ‘Marries’ Her Best Friend, And The Wedding Day Pictures Are Leaving Millions Hopeful And In Love

November 07, 2017

One of my favorite things to do is listen to stories of couples who have fallen in love. From the first time they saw each other, to the days where they went on playful summer dates, to the time they had their first grandchild, love stories are truly my favorite stories.

Above all kinds of love stories, I love child love stories. Kids do everything big; when they’re happy, they’re ecstatic; and when they’re down, they’re inconsolable. And when they’re in love, they’re head-over-heels, completely and obsessively in love. I think it’s the cutest thing ever.


Two children, Sophia and Hunter, are sharing their love with the world, and let me just say that their adoration for each other is truly contagious. Sophia and Hunter have been inseparable since their first day of preschool. Hunter loves getting Sophia flowers, and Sophia loves running and playing with Hunter. The two of them do everything together, and their love has caught the attention of the world, especially since learning the story behind it.

Sophia was born with a congenital heart defect and survives with only half of a heart. Since her birth, she’s been in-and-out of the hospital and has undergone two heart surgeries. Currently, the 6-year-old is approaching a third open heart surgery. Knowing that the third surgery would place her life at risk, she was asked what her greatest wish would be. Her answer has everyone teary-eyed.

For her last wish, Sophia asked if she could marry Hunter! Hunter bashfully answered with “Anything to make Sophia happy, Mommy.” Cue the tears! The pair’s moms started prepping for a “wedding” and created a magical day for the two lovebirds!


With Sophia in a princess wedding gown and a tulle veil, and Hunter in slacks and a button-down, the two spent their day laughing, running, playing, and loving each other. The photographer snapped as the day went on, and later shared, “It was so fun to be able to capture their love and, truthfully, it was so effortless. I really do believe that these two adorable best friends are in love.”


As the two played together, there were happy tears all around. The two gushed over each other while onlookers gushed over them. Sophia’s mom shared, that joy overflowed in her little girl’s heart, and she was so blessed to see her in love. Once her mom saw the pictures from the kids’ “wedding day,” she shared them on Facebook so that others could be reminded of the simple and innocent love. Within a day, the posts went viral.


Sophia and Hunter are truly two souls in love. They have found hope and abundant joy in the midst of difficulty, and it is truly inspiring. We love that these two were able to get ‘married’ and grow in their love, with laughter and joy; and we wish them a lifetime of happiness!

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