7 Before And After Animal Rescue Photos That Will Make You Weep Tears Of Joy

February 22, 2018

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than to see a small, quivering little canine huddled all alone in a shelter. Many animals that reside at a shelter have stories more horrific than we could fathom in our wildest imaginations.

Below, you’ll find a list of ten adorable animals that were sad, lonely, and without a home. As fate would have it, they were adopted and now are loved far beyond they could have dreamt!

1. HOLLAND - Neglected and alone until a hero changed her life.

2. CLARA - She was knocking on death's door until fate stepped in and saved the day.

3. CURTSY - Scared and all alone. Now she has a place to call home.


4. VAN GOGH - He was void of love, but now has someone to love with all his heart.

5. GROHL - He feared his life would end in a miserable way. A miracle came in the nick of time! 

6. ROCKFORD - No one cared for him and he was scared. Now, he's showered with love every single day!

7. DORINDA - Her hair was matted and she felt all was lost. Now, she lives life like a true princess!

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