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7 Dangerously Easy Instant Pot Recipes To Make This Week For Dinner

February 05, 2019

Unless you’ve been stealthily hiding under a relatively large boulder for the last bit, you’ve likely heard the glorious tales of the latest, greatest kitchen gadget - the beloved Instant Pot.

While Crock Pots have been the absolute go-to for years on end, the new Instant Pot craze has blown the old school kitchen gadget out of the water. While they might appear to have similar looks and styles, they vary drastically in their abilities.

The Instant Pot is known for packing a punch with flavor in a very fast amount of time. Unlike its counterpart, it harnesses the power of a pressure cooker, yielding a meal far quicker than you’d ever get out of a Crock Pot. This is just one of the many reasons these handy, dandy gadgets have been flying off the shelves.

Their quick cooking capabilities have made them a fast staple in homes, making suppertime prep an absolute breeze! Below, we’ve gathered seven different recipes to make in your Instant Pot for the weeknights. They’re full of flavor, oh-so-delicious, and easier than ever to whip up! Which dish suits your fancy?

1. Creamy Wild Rice Soup

2. Vegetable Soup

3. Baked Potatoes

4. Hamburger Soup

5. Shrimp and Grits

6. Butter Chicken

7. Beef And Mushroom Pasta

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