7-Month-Old Yorkie Is Smarter Than Your Average Pooch. Now Watch In Amazement As She Performs Her Incredible Tricks

June 08, 2017

Dogs are beyond brilliant and didn't earn the title of Man's Best Friend by chance. They comfort us when we're down, accompany us when we're lonely, and are some of the best listeners. They possess a unique set of character traits enabling them to be trained in special ways.

If started at an early enough age, they can be trained to do just about anything. Because of their social personalities, they make incredible therapy animals. Their company alone can work in tremendous ways towards helping individuals during troubling times.


Misa Minnie, a seven-month-old Yorkshire Terrier pup, is actually in training to become a therapy dog herself. Not only is she one of the cutest puppies around, but she's insanely brilliant.

In her therapy training, she's learned how to do a ton of tricks and they're quite impressive. For a pup so young, she's caught on to a lot in a short amount of time.


While some of her stunts look somewhat simple, they take a great deal of practice in order to master them to this degree. She's learned how to roll over, walk through tunnels, knock down cup towers, and more!

Check out the video below to see her crazy cool stunts. Once she starts performing, it's virtually impossible to look away. This makes me want to get my dog in training ASAP!

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