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7-Year-Old Comes Home With A Note From 'School' Demanding That He Work On THIS

April 19, 2017

Kids say the darnedest things, don't they?

They have a way of being incredibly sneaky in the FUNNIEST ways, though.

When a child is sent home with a note from school, it typically isn't a laughing matter. More often than not, your little one has had some form of misconduct.

When you open the letter, you likely are braced to read the worst.

When a Reddit user, EclecticBlue's seven-year-old son came home with a note from school, he had those exact feelings.


Much to his surprise, the note was a tad different than he ever could have expected...

As it turns out, little Nathan had been performing excellently in every subject except one in particular and "the school" really wanted him to devote a lot more time to it in order to strengthen his skills.

Read the "school note" below to see just what it said:

cute-school-kids-3.jpgimage via Imgur

What's a parent to do when you find out this news?

Clearly, Nathan hasn't been spending enough time playing electronics and NEEDS to be practicing all night long.

If nothing else, this kiddo deserves to get mega points for his creative thinking.

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