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8 Food Items That (Almost) Never Expire

January 05, 2018

Now that a new calendar year is upon us, it’s time to really dive into our goals for the year. While New Year’s resolutions are great in theory, it can often be a little impractical to keep up for 365 days. When going over my goals for the year, I try to plan out the most feasible tasks first. By doing this, I don’t find myself getting overwhelmed early on in the year.

As soon as Christmas is over and the new year has begun, my first and favorite task is to declutter my home. After I go through the closets, I come to the pantry. This space can easily turn into 'the land where things come and stay forever' if you’re not careful. Decluttering your pantry space will not only motivate you to continue the cleaning spree, but it often will leave you inspired with recipes you can make with the items that made the cut!

Before you start tossing out every “old” food item in sight, there are a few that can withstand the test of time far longer than others. These items are safe to buy in bulk, too, so when you’re at the supermarket, you’ll have no reservations when filling up your shopping cart.


Thanks to the magical work of honey bees, honey is one of the only foods that can virtually withstand the test of time. It naturally preserves itself and can be enjoyed for years on end!

Pure Maple Syrup

If stored in an unopened glass container, maple syrup can last upwards of fifty years.

Dried Beans

Beans are a classic staple in a plethora of cuisines, making it the perfect item to always have on hand. If properly stored, dried beans can last for years on end. Bring on the chilis, stews, and soups!

White Rice

White rice has a lifespan of up to thirty years, so be sure to always keep a healthy stock of this kitchen staple handy. Brown rice, on the other hand, doesn’t have as long of a shelf life. If kept unopened, it can last up to six months.


Because of its makeup, vinegar can last indefinitely. It needs no refrigerator to preserve it and can be used in numerous ways from cooking to cleaning around the home.


Salt, in itself, is a preservative so this makes it a no-brainer. If properly stored, complete, 100% natural salt can last indefinitely.

Pure Vanilla Extract

If kept in a cool, dry place, pure vanilla extract can last indefinitely as well. Imitation vanilla extract, on the other hand, does not last as long. This reason alone is enough encouragement to opt for the more expensive, pure version because it will last a lifetime - and then some.

Instant Coffee

Who doesn’t love a good ol' cup of instant Joe? This item is shelf-stable for up to twenty years and, if properly stored in a freezer, can last indefinitely.

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