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90 Year-Old Woman Steps Out Onto The Dance Floor. As Soon As The Music Starts, The Crowd Can’t Believe What She Does

September 06, 2017

Grandparents are some of the most incredible humans on the planet. They’re full of great wisdom that can only be gained through years of life experience. Whatever situation you’re going through, they’ve likely “been there, done that” and have plenty of advice on how you can get through it more easily than they did. Despite their broad knowledge and kind-hearted natures, years can start to take a toll on their bodies. While minds can stay sharp for what seems like forever, bodies are quite the opposite.


Most assume that, once you reach a certain age in life, you need a little more help physically than you used to. Once in awhile, though, you come across someone who completely blows that theory out of the water. Stories like this prove that age is just a number. Jean Veloz is a spunky and active lady; if you saw her out-and-about, you would never guess she is 90 years-young! She has a charm and spunk about her, that captivates everyone she’s around. She’s full of life and lives every single day to the fullest.

When Jean arrives at her 90th birthday celebration, she decides to spice things up a bit and give her friends and family a surprise they never see coming. She takes the hand of a young man and leads him out onto the dance floor. Everyone around her stares in great anticipation to see what will happen next. As soon as the music starts, Jean begins to shake and sway to the beat, with skills that would rival those of any youngster. The crowd goes absolutely wild at the sight! It’s a moment that they won’t soon forget, that’s for certain. Check out the video, below, to see this dancing queen in action.

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