9-Year-Old Amazing Dane LOVES To Sing! When You Hear Him Sing Along With Whitney It Is Sure To Tug At Your Heartstrings!

August 03, 2017

We all know someone who just loves to sing! Some people prefer to sing in private places, such as the shower, where they can remain anonymous and belt out their favorite songs to their heart's content, but without others hearing them. Other people don't care and will sing anywhere, anyplace for the whole world to hear! 

Dane Miller, an adorable 9-year-old boy with down syndrome, is one of those people that just LOVES to sing! He does not care where he is or who hears him. His mom said that since watching a documentary on Whitney Houston, Dane started downloading her songs and has become a big fan. 


Lately, his go-to song has been Whitney Houston's 1993 hit "If I Don't Have You." This special little boy had been perfecting his technique and one day his aunt caught it on video. She knew after seeing the footage that she had to share it on Facebook. Dane is a darling boy that has a true passion for singing! Too many times people see those with special needs as being different in a bad way, but when we look at people's hearts we are all people just the same. People who want to be loved and have unique gifts and personalities to share with the world! I'm positive this video will put more than a little love in your heart too! 

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