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9 Year-Old's Rebellious Attitude Saves His Mother's Life

August 31, 2017

Camdyn Smith is not just your average nine year-old boy. He’s also a hero. His persistence saved the life of his mother, Kimberly Smith. Kimberly, a single mother of three, had recently given birth to Camdyn’s baby brother, when he saved her. Kimberly complained of having trouble breathing, and said it hurt every time she took a breath.

Camdyn repeatedly told his mother that they needed to go to the hospital, but Kimberly insisted that she would be fine if she just took a nap. When his mother kept insisting they didn’t need to go, Camdyn ignored her and proceeded to grab his shoes and the diaper bag. Finally, Kimberly decided to go, if only to put young Camdyn’s mind at ease.

When they arrived at the ER, the doctors performed an EKG and a blood test and quickly discovered what Kimberly's son had known all along - that she had a life-threatening emergency that needed immediate medical attention. Kimberly had developed a pulmonary embolism and her lungs were housing multiple blood clots. She remained in the hospital for a few days and now takes medication, but she is alive today thanks to her son’s insistence. Camdyn learned about blood clots from his gym teacher who had recently suffered one, and that’s why he knew the symptoms were so dangerous.

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