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9-Year-Old Saves His Neighbor Life In One Unbelievable Way

March 15, 2018

Allen Clemmons was working in his South Carolina backyard trying to remove the transmission from his Mustang when tragedy struck. The car was being supported by a jack and some blocks while he worked underneath it, when the car came loose, pinning him to the ground. The longer he stayed pinned to the ground, the harder it became to breathe.

He fought desperately, calling for help. No one was around to hear him, and he began to give up. In his last moments, he prayed to God for the strength to call out once more and for God to send him an angel. His prayers were answered when his 9-year-old neighbor, Malachi, heard his plea for help

Malachi saw that he was stuck, and luckily knew what he needed to do! He’d helped his uncle with a jack just like that before, so with a little direction from Allen, he was able to use the jack to get the car lifted off of him! When Allen could finally breathe again and was free from the weight of the car, Malachi raced off to get help. A tow truck quickly arrived and was able to get him out from under the car.

He was flown to a hospital, where they discovered the extent of his injuries. Allen suffered from multiple injuries, but the worst ones included six broken ribs and a fractured pelvis. Doctors aren’t sure if Allen would have survived another half hour if it hadn’t been for the help of Malachi. Thank God that Malachi was there to hear Allen’s plea for help!
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