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Baby Deer Was Abandoned By Her Mother. What This Man Does For Her SAVES HER LIFE! [VIDEO]

April 06, 2017

Life has a way of handing us amazing surprises. A day can start out completely normal and uneventful, only to end in amazing and unexpected ways. This was certainly the case with a man named Darius Sasnauskas when he looked out his window one day to see an amazing sight.

Darius was having an uneventful day at home with his pets when he looked out the window to see a beautiful mother deer and her two fawns. Darius lived in the country so it was not uncommon for him to see wildlife throughout the day but he always got a thrill whenever he was able to observe the beautiful animals.

Darius pulled out his binoculars to get a better look at the deer family. As Darius peered through his binoculars, he noticed something odd about one of the fawns. The little deer could not seem to keep up with her mother and sibling. As Darius looked closer, he could see that the fawn's right leg was injured.

The mother deer kept going back to check on her child but, try as she might, the fawn could not walk more than a couple of paces before lying down to rest. The mother deer, fearing that there may be predators around, made a decision that shocked Darius. The mother deer left the injured fawn and went on with her healthy child.

Darius could not believe his eyes. He wanted to go out and get the little fawn but wasn't sure if it was safe to do so. The fawn did not make an effort to move so Darius decided to keep an eye on her. All night Darius watched the fawn through his binoculars, making sure to keep an eye out for anything that might hurt the little deer.

When morning came, and the little fawn had not moved, Darius decided that it was time to bring the little deer inside. Darius moved quickly and soon had the fawn in his arms and brought her back to his home to meet his animals. It took the dogs and cats just one day to get used to the new guest and the little fawn was grateful to be out of danger and around new friends.

Darius constructed a splint out of an oatmeal box and put it on the fawn's injured leg. The splint gave the fawn the support she needed to heal and within five days, the little fawn was able to walk normally again. Once the little deer was able to get around on her own, Darius decided it was time to find the mother deer again. The only question was, would the little fawn want to go back to her family. The video on the next page documents Darius' amazing journey with the fawn. CLICK "NEXT PAGE" TO READ THE REST OF THE STORY...

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