'Defective' Puppy Is Going To Be Thrown Out Because She Can't Walk. When Rescuers Step In, The Pup Finds The Strength To Take Her First Steps

October 18, 2017

It is always amazing to see how the power of love can transcend lines and transform lives in both the human race and the animal kingdom. Sometimes, all it takes is one person to show us how brightly love can shine, even in the darkest of circumstances. No one knows this fact better than Willow, a Neapolitan Mastiff puppy who has struggled with a disability since birth.

When Willow was very young, her breeder noticed that the little Mastiff was unable to lift her stomach off of the ground. Willow's legs were also sprawled out to the sides of her body, instead of under her. These characteristics coincide with "Swimmer Puppy Syndrome." Because of her deficiency, Willow was unable to get around on her own and struggled to function.

Because Willow could not function as the other puppies, her breeder saw her as too much of a burden. The breeder planned on putting Willow down but decided to use social media to see if anyone wanted to take Willow off his hands. Shortly after his social media post, the breeder received a call from a woman named Jenn who worked with Second Chances Rescue. Jenn said she was more than willing to care for Willow and it didn't take long for Jenn to come and rescue the pup.

Jenn loved Willow but knew that the puppy needed professional help in order to thrive. Jenn enlisted the help of Gina, an animal therapist that specializes in special-needs dogs. Gina set to work and used different techniques to help stimulate Willow's spinal cord. Within days, Gina and Jenn saw drastic improvements in Willow's development.

Willow was able to take her first steps with Gina's supervision. After only a few months, Willow found the confidence to start running and even went for her first swim! Willow's new-found life and confidence were thrilling for her rescuers to see and they were confident that it wouldn't be long before the lovely pup found her forever home.

Now, at eight-months-old Willow is safe, happy, and thriving in her new home with her loving new mother. Thanks to the love of Jenn, the hard work of Gina, and the open arms of her new mom, Willow doesn't even remember her rough beginnings. Willow's life is a testament to what it means to never give up, no matter how hard life may be!

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