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“Dog Aggressive” Pit Bull. Once Released From His Cage, See How He Responds To Other Dogs!

August 15, 2017


Bruce, a shelter pit bull had a devastating rumor being spread about him.  Labeled “dog aggressive” at a local shelter; things were not in his favor.  Unfortunately, many shelter dogs receive certain labels that can cause harm in their likelihood of being adopted.  Occasionally, a chaotic shelter environment can cause the dog to act a certain way that it wouldn’t normally otherwise; which can lead to an inaccurate evaluation of the dog. 


We all know a “dog aggressive” pit bull will have less of a chance finding a forever home. With such a horrible reputation, how was he going to get through this?  Bruce was voiceless, helpless and unable to set the record straight.   


Luckily, a chance was taken and this “one-family dog” was given the opportunity to shine when a man came to the shelter with interest in adopting Bruce.  Knowing he was “Dog aggressive”  he decided to give him a chance and take him for a walk. The moment he was removed from the kennel the man was shocked; Bruce paid no attention to other dogs!  And so the adoption was final.   


Bruce fell immediately in love with his new forever dad and two new siblings;  pit bulls just like Bruce.  He was recognized as being a “Gentle Giant” and proved himself to play exquisitely well with other dogs.  His loving demeanor did not stop there!  He also revealed to everyone how much he loved puppies, children and car rides with his dad.  Life was good and everything was exactly how it should be.


This story is a great reminder that no matter what rumors are being spread, always give those around you a chance to shine.  Even if horrible heartbreaking or heart-wrenching things are being spread about you, get back up and hold your head high; just like Bruce did!  Watch this cute video and the wonderful forever happiness that dwells in his life.


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