Impatient Dog Hilarious Takes Control Of His Situation. He Gets Tired Of Waiting For His Owners, Decides To Its Time To Take Action

September 13, 2017

I literally started to bust up the second this video started to play. The dog, in question, is clearly done. He wants his owner out of that store and back in the car to take him home. It's almost as if the dog has to be somewhere and he is not about to miss it. I think he has a serious case of FOMO... Fear Of Missing Out.

This confident dog doesn't bat an eyelash, even when an audience begins to build around his car. I mean, it's not every day you see a dog sitting in a car honking the horn. But the dog doesn't care, he wants what he wants, and clearly, he is not gonna stop until he gets it.

It is such a hilarious sight to see, a dog in the driver seat with 2 backseat passengers waiting for the car ride to begin. But these dogs aren't going anywhere until their human hears the horn going off and gets out of that store. Watch the video below and be prepared for a serious case of giggles.