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‘Invisible’ Dog Lives Lonely Life On The Streets, Then Puts His Trust In Rescuers Who Give Him The Life He Never Dreamed He Could Have

January 11, 2018

People come and go, passing by every day on their way to important places, and doing important things with important people. They all have a purpose and a direction and have no time to take notice of those around them. One sweet pup watches these humans all day long and often glances their way with hope in his heart. Yet no one seems to notice him or take a moment to see why a beautiful pup like him seems to have no home.

When he is unsuccessful in catching the attention of the people in the street, the dejected doggy retreats to the dubious security of the ramshackle cardboard box he calls home, his sole possessions a filthy cushion and a sometimes-filled food bowl. At least there appears to be someone who occasionally takes pity on the lonely canine and gives him food from time-to-time.

One day, when our friend returns to his “home” to lick his wounds caused by the continual rejection, he realizes that his meager belongings have disappeared! Who would do such a thing? This poor guy cannot catch a break!

Just when things look as bleak as they have ever been, the clouds over his existence miraculously begin to lift. Someone from “Hope For Paws” shelter engages the little pup and tries to gain his trust by offering him some doggy biscuits. Little by little the little guy musters up his courage and slowly makes his way outside his box.

The gentle caress of a kind stranger entices him to go with her when she leads him to her waiting transport vehicle. Safely and snuggly secured in his rescue chariot, he settles in for the cozy ride to the shelter.

Upon his arrival he begins to see how different life can be once you have someone who cares about what happens to you! The first thing he gets to do for possibly the first time ever, is have a nice, warm, cleansing bath. Lots of soothing scratches and tender caresses turn the mundane experience into a love-fest.

Next, he crosses the threshold of the most beautiful dwelling he has ever seen: a place to lay his head that is actually indoors! He quickly hops up into a brand new bed of his very own, one that is guaranteed to be there every single day when he wants to rest. Not only does he have his own bed, but he also has people around him who will make sure that nothing bad ever happens to him again!

Best of all, he is surrounded by other shelter animals who are eager to make friends with the affable newcomer.

Yes, life certainly has changed for this formerly “invisible’ sweetheart, and he is sure to live out his days in the company of people (and fur-pals) who have a lot of love to give. Joy is sure to fill his heart as he finally lives the life he was born to live.

We are so thrilled that this fellow finally gets a chance to have a normal doggy life - thanks to the compassion of the people who think all animals are worthy of love and care. These selfless heroes work hard every day to make sure even street dogs become “visible,” and they go out of their way to meet the needs of those who cannot fend for themselves.

If you would like to witness our four-legged friend’s entire journey, be sure to watch the video, below

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