"The Pug Queen" Saves Pugs Left And Right. You Will Fall In Love With The Heroic Measures She's Willing To Take

October 17, 2017

This incredible lady, known as "The Pug Queen," is going around changing lives, left and right - rescuing Pugs who are hurt, sick, or unwanted. This amazing lady goes into homes and other places where these delightful dogs are being neglected or abused and provides them with love and whatever medical care they need to live a full and healthy life.

Even though she tries to limit her rescues to those nearby, she's been known, on occasion, to go the extra mile just to save a pup’s life. One great example is the incredible lengths she went to in assisting one charming canine named Chance. His sad story began the day he decided to urinate on his owner's rug. The owners instantly became furious with Chance and responded by viciously kicking him, resulting in a broken neck for Chance.

When The Pug Queen became aware of this unfortunate situation, she knew she had to act fast; sitting back, allowing him to suffer, and doing nothing for this powerless Pug was not an option. After promising to help this sweet fur baby, she learned one small detail she had neglected to get at the time - the dog lived in Iran. The long distance didn't stop her from helping though, and she quickly found a means for the dog to be flown half-way around the world and into her loving arms. With his life hanging in the balance, she quickly arranged for the necessary surgery and medical treatment.

With his strong will to live and this incredible lady by his side, Chance is getting stronger every single day and will soon be ready for his new life to begin. The Pug Queen’s heroic efforts do not stop there. She spends her time helping other Pugs by rehabilitating them mentally and physically, which eventually prepares them for the day they've all been waiting for - meeting their permanent loving family! It's a wonderful, inspiring story, that stars one “lone ranger” who makes a beautiful difference and an incredible impact on the lives of mistreated Pugs who have nowhere else to turn.

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