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These Brilliant Steps Will Help You Achieve A Flawless Face Despite Acne Breakouts

August 30, 2017

Acne is one of our greatest enemies. No matter how many preventative measures we take, we still seem to end up with a sneaky pimple. As soon as breakouts happen, you become a little self-conscious and want to cover it at all costs. Unfortunately, some breakouts are more difficult to handle than others. No matter how many layers of foundation or concealer you put on, your lovely breakouts still proudly shine through.

I recently came across a video that has changed the game for breakouts. YouTube star, Desi Perkins, created a video with incredible step-by-step instructions on how she flawlessly disguises all her acne breakouts. This is by far one of the most helpful tutorials I've seen to date. Check out the video below to see her tips!

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